According to The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI), the term “think global, act local” was first used in a development context by the environmental movement in the 1960s and 70s. It referred to the need to be aware about world-wide environmental issues such as global warming, and then to take action to address these issues by making lifestyle changes in your household and community.

Think Global Act Local

The term has later been used in various domains and mainly in business where it means that managers have to customize their approach to every geographic market while maintaining a global brand and global development strategy. Basically it consists in setting clear global direction for company branches while allowing flexibility for each to adapt to local opportunities and requirements. “Think global, act local” implies how understanding local customers’ needs, respecting local cultures and market regulations can help company grow locally in line with its global strategy.

Global companies such as Mc Donald and Toyota for example excel in “thinking globally and acting locally”.

Want to take your company to international stage? Above concept is the key to seizing opportunities in diverse international markets to ensure global growth.

Prosper ZOMBRE

International Business Development Specialist

Global Certification


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