As a regular international traveler, I often review travel advisories available from different sources on the Internet. Without reliable local contact in the destination country, travelers generally resort to the various online information as part of their emotional and psychological preparation. Most often than not, those sources portray countries, especially the less developed ones, under the spectrum of permanent insecurity. While some trustworthy publications (from international media and foreign diplomatic representations mainly) are likely supported by facts, they tend to be exaggerated and too scary for anyone unfamiliar with the places described.

Travel Haiti

My most recent experience is a trip to Haiti where I am currently staying for 1 week. Information from foreign diplomatic representations and some random travelers’ describe this country as extremely dangerous place for any foreign visitor.  Surprisingly in the end, I discovered but nice people busy with their duties everywhere I go, ready to help plus the capital city has wonderful landscapes to admire. Of course, not saying that Haiti is an all-time peaceful place. No country actually is. The country has its own challenges like every country has. The fact the travel advisories focus more on the dark side and amplify developing countries insecurity conditions is unfair for their image and adversely impact their development.

Getting ready for travel abroad? Review the in country security conditions for your own safety but most importantly be ready to embrace the good things waiting for you out there

Prosper ZOMBRE

International Business Development Specialist

Global Certification


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