Anger is generally qualified as a negative emotion released by people in reaction to an outside situation of which they have different views or opinions.

Expressed at small and controllable doses, it can help the collocutor correctly understand our expectations to change for better.

Angry Bird

However very often, anger leads us to make destructive comments on the other parties or to take retaliatory measures on them in expectation that things change in our favor. It is counterproductive when anger is expressed in this way. Numerous wise advice have been freely given by famous authors to help us control anger and to reaffirm that it is not the right emotion to use when we want to see change in other people. Let’s meditate on one of them by Marshal Goldsmith in What Got You Here Won’t Get You There:  “There is never anyone in the other boat. When we are angry, we are screaming at an empty vessel”

Let’s show calm in every situation and have a productive week!

Prosper ZOMBRE

International Business Development Specialist

Global Certification


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