The victory of the French football team at the World Cup 2018 has triggered strong debates over the composition of the champion national team. From TV show anchors to some world leaders or simple social media users, everyone provided his interpretation of what led to the victory. One of the most interesting comments came from former USA President Barack Obama who highlighted how nations and organizations can leverage diversity to reach outstanding results. Below is a transcript of his comment on what he believes is an important asset to the society.


“…., and it’s a truth that by the way, when embraced, actually delivers practical benefits. Since it ensures that society can draw upon the talents and energy and skills of all its people. And if you doubt that, just ask the French football team that just won the World Cup. Because not all of those folks look like Gauls to me, but they are French. They are French!”

Let’s learn from this experience to build winning teams in our organizations!

Prosper ZOMBRE

International Business Development Specialist


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